APOLLO Servo Motor Type

Fully automatic AC voltage regulator (Servo Motor type)

Single-phase input voltage 160v-250v
Single-phase output voltage 0.5KVA-3KVA 220V and 110v 5KVA-10KVA 220V
Three-phase output voltage Phase voltage 160V-250V Wire voltage 277V-430V
three-phase output voltage Phase voltage 220V Wire voltage 380V
Accuracy of voltage stabilization 220V±3% 110V±6%
Frequency 50/60HZ
Adjustable time <1s(when input voltage has a change of 10%)
Ambient temperature -5℃–+40℃
Waveform distortion No additional waveform distortion
Load power factor 0.8
Dielectric strength 1500V/1min
insulation resistance ≥2MΩ